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Hole 1 - Par 4

The opening hole of Creekside is a nice hole to start the day. Playing your tee shot to the right side of the fairway will give you an approach shot that will limit access to the greenside bunker. This is one of the smaller greens on the course and if you’re going to miss the green be sure to miss to the right side.

Hole 2 - Par 4

The 2nd hole is a small dogleg to the left. Be sure to double check the GPS for yardage to the pond off the tee, driver may not be the best idea for longer hitters. Being long between the two bunkers or missing to the right side will still allow an easy up and down for par.

Hole 3 - Par 3

The 1st Par 3 of the day is all about picking and committing to the yardage. If between clubs take an extra club and don’t fall for a left side green position. Center of the green is a good aiming, this hole can turn long if aiming to the left due to the carry distance of the pond.

Hole 4 - Par 4

This Par 4 has a small dogleg to the left. An aiming point between the two fairway bunkers will leave you with a nice angle into the green. This green has a false front so be sure to take an extra club on the approach. If you go a bit long the slope of the hill behind the green will act as a backstop.

Hole 5 - Par 5

Be sure to aim to the right side of the fairway off the tee. This angle will take out the little pond located to the left of the cart path. Check the GPS for accurate yardage to the pond from your given tee boxes. Accuracy is key on the 2nd shot, split the Palm trees. Big hitters will hit this green in two and everyone else will have a short iron/wedge into the green. Missing the green long is not a good idea.

Hole 6 - Par 4

Aiming to the left side of the fairway on this short Par 4 is a good idea. The massive creek is located on the right side and will punish a miss hit. An approach shot over the green can produce a very difficult up and down for par.

Hole 7 - Par 5

This 563 yard par 5 is the longest hole on creekside andwill take almost every golfer at least 3 shots to reach the green. two fairway bunkers guard the left side of the fairway and force tee shots to the right side of the hole. A good layup shot and your left with a short iron to a long, deep green protected in front by a greenside bunker gathering any balls coming up short. A par on this hole is never taken for granted.

Hole 8 - Par 3

The eighth hole might be considered by most the signature hole on creekside. your tee shot is 160 yards with all-carry over a large pond that guards the front and the entire right side of the hole. Greenside bunkers protect the left side of the green collecting any balls that are “bailed out” from the pond along the right side. The green is receptive to good shots but may leave you with a long putt as it is very large and very deep.

Hole 9 - Par 4

The par 4 ninth is 377 yards and provides a solid finish to the front 9. a large pond along the entire left side forces a demanding tee shot, but with fairway bunkers on the right side golfers must navigate their tee shots between the pond and bunkers. a solid drive and you are left with a short iron into a large green, which slopes heavily from back to front.

Hole 10 - Par 5

The tenth hole is a 511 yard par 5 that could be reached in 2 shots for some long hitters, but going for this hole in 2 is a risk/reward with a large pond guarding the front of the green and bunkers surrounding the back of the green. from the tee, the fairway is quite generous, but with newly added fairway bunkers still provides a challenge. this is a hole that can get your back nine off to a fast start.

Hole 11 - Par 3

This straight-forward par 3 is the longest on the course at 220 yards. a demanding tee shot awaits as most golfers are hitting with a long iron or hybrid. the green slopes from front to back and is very long and deep. a large waste area surrounds the entire back and both sides of the green, so any wayward shots will end up there. a par on this hole is never taken for granted.

Hole 12 - Par 4

The 12th hole is a 379 yard dogleg left, where most golfers will choose to “lay up” with their tee shot and the longer hitter may choose to cut the corner to give them a shorter shot into the green. the approach shot is to a long, narrow green that slopes from back to front and is protected by a bunker on the right side and a steep embankment on the left.

Hole 13 - Par 3

This Hole although relatively short and the 18 handicap on the Creekside Course, requires an accurate tee shot. The green is slightly elevated and the green can be tricky with undulations not seen from the teeing area. The front two bunkers come into play and partially hide the putting surface

Hole 14 - Par 4

This Hole is the tale of two different shots. The tee shot is wide open where as the approach shot requires a precise shot to a guarded green of two bunkers on the left and a lake to the right. The green is sloped left to right bring the lake even closer to the putting surface.

Hole 15 - Par 4

This Hole is similar in yardage to the previous hole but slightly easier. The tee shot has a wide landing area with the approach shot to an elevated and narrow green.

Hole 16 - Par 5

This Hole is a very challenging risk-reward hole. The tee shot is framed by a long bunker down the left hand side and two deep pot bunkers right of the fairway. The second shot for the long hitters that want to “get home” in two is surrounded to the left by water and to the right by a large pot bunker. For those that want to play safe and layup, the cart path running across the fairway will put you at 100 yards with your approach to a green the slopes back and to the left.

Hole 17 - Par 4

This hole is relatively short although accuracy is the number one priority. Your fairway metal or hybrid off the tee should put you into position for a mid to short iron approach. The green has much undulation and that is its defense. Par is a good score on this hole.

Hole 18 - Par 4

A well placed drive can put you in a position for a short approach shot to this receptive newly designed green. Pin placement will dictate your aggressiveness as the front of the green has a false front and the back of the green brings the lake into play.